Charity Gala Magician

Why Have a Magician at Your Charity Gala?


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To make it more Profitable, Promotable, and Memorable

Click on the graphic below to download my Charity Gala one-sheet. If you event seeks corporate sponsors for specific elements of the event, this offer will be perfect for your charity.

Note: When I do a charity gala, I also offer a pro bono performance for the served group. (Like the Special Olympic athletes themselves, the homeless, disabled adults, etc.)

PLUS:Since I own many popular websites and many social media pages, I also bring some extra promotion to any event with which I am associated. An additional benefit for the charity.




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Never a Dull Moment

Great magic adds a ‘WOW Factor,’ bringing laughter and amazement to the event.


Not Everyone Dances

Elderly guests, younger guests, shy guests, guests with health conditions– if you have your magician stay for the whole event, smiles and laughter will come to everyone throughout the night, and they won’t feel left out.  Even those who sit down at a table as strangers will become ‘community’ as they share amazing experiences.


Guests Will Thank You

Have guests talking for weeks, months and years about how fun and amazing your event was. Guests of honor will enjoy a special illusion that will leave them with an ‘impossible’ keepsake souvenir. 



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