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Magician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-Maryland “Really great tricks!! Life of the party. Made my night!”  —Sydney Parker,


Bartender-Magician-Reviews-Terry-Lombardi-Manor-Tavern Magician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-Maryland  “Lowell is just awesome.  So professional , personable – just love when he is able to work events for the Manor Tavern Banquets or Manor Tavern offsite catering.  Whenever I hear tons of laughter coming from one area at any event I know that Lowell is the reason.  Our guests always love him and so do we.”   —Terry Lombardi, Manor Tavern Banquet and Catering Manager 


Emcee-Host-Baltimore-Magician-Sharan-NixonMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-Maryland”You rocked the crowd. EVERYONE LOVED YOU and was asking for you on Saturday. YOU REALLY WOWED them on Friday and Sunday. They loved you and thought having you there was a fabulous idea. I think I can speak on behalf of all the guests, designers, participants, and the ENTIRE BALTIMORE FASHION WEEK TEAM we want you back for next year. . . . YOU ROCK!!! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!”   —Sharan Nixon, Founder/CEO Baltimore Fashion Week

Magician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-Maryland  “I was left speechless by the tricks that were performed right in front of my face. 2 feet away!! Great magician, fun entertainer, made us laugh the whole time. Awesome job!!”   —K. Chesser, Harford County, MD

Magician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-Maryland “I recently attended a Bull Roast for a local Horse Showing Association and ‘The Magic Bartender’ was there. He came to our table and asked if we wanted to see a magic trick. We agreed, and – almost a week later – I am still trying to figure it out! It was truly great. My only disappointment was that you didn’t do a show so the whole room could have been as amazed as I was!”   —K. Rand, Parkton, MD 

Magician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-Maryland  “ Bumped into Lowell at a grand opening party for a local business.  He was at first just a bartender to me, but then started doing the types of magic tricks that you see on TV that just blow your mind (think David Blaine).  He had the crowd around us mesmerized!  Myself included.  Very impressive indeed. With  parties coming up in my future, I’ll be reaching out to Lowell!  Fantastic!  I’ll also have someone I can recommend to my clients looking for entertainment for their own events!”   —Matt Buerhaus, Bel Air, MD,

Magician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-Maryland  “First of all, I would like to thank you for doing such a superb job as the emcee for Baltimore Fashion Week. I can’t tell you how many people have chopped up the name of my Clothing line as business when trying to announce it to others. But this did not happen with you, it came out exactly as it should. You made the crowd and everyone involved in this event feel welcomed and happy to be at the event. I would be happy to be a part of any event your emceeing at! Your Awesome!”   —Will Chandler, Dejamone Dezynz

“The food was incredible & we enjoyed all of the wonderful staff, especially Lloyd [close enough ], the bartender. He was also performing magic tricks for our guests!! How great is that?! We had a fantastic time!!”    —from Celeste’s Review (the bride) on Wedding Wire

Magician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-MarylandMagician-5-star-reviews-gold-Maryland “OMGosh the magic was so amazing I jumped out of my seat and ran because I couldn’t believe what I just saw. HE IS AMAZING. AMAZING! I’m still in shock. LOL”    —Michelle Carey, Forest Hill, MD

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