Trade Show Magician

Imagine a crowd of prospects filling the aisles and learning all about YOUR COMPANY!


What if your company consistently had crowds around your exhibit, with prospects eager to stay and hear about what makes you the best choice?


What if your company’s presentation was what prospects were talking about LONG after the event?


What if you had someone who strategically ‘worked the crowd’ all over the convention floor and drew prospects to you like a moth to a flame?


Your exhibit is all about your company–your services, your product and your people. Trade Show Magician Lowell Sheets understands this. And, while people will fill the aisles to see mind-blowing magic and mind-reading, the show is not about the magician.

It is vital that your company and products are being presented the way you want them to be presented. Lowell works closely with your team to develop a script that seamlessly weaves your message into exciting, interactive performances that truly feature your company.

Every bit of the performance can be edited and changed, right up to the time that the exhibit hall opens…and sometimes after that!

Don’t HOPE that you achieve your goals by successful interactions with prospects, MAKE IT HAPPEN by giving your prospects the most fun, interactive, and memorable experience of the event!  CALL or TEXT today– 410-688-0893.



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